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Martin Rix

Hi, I’m Martin. I am interested in technology, programming, gaming and movies.


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Each year at the end of December, I list the best films I saw that year (formally only films I had seen at the cinema)

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Tiki's Tour

Tiki's Tour was a 2d side-scrolling game featuring a red parrot. You would control the Tiki to help him to fly through a series of rings in each level of the game. I worked on this together with 2 friends, who provided level design and hand drawn artwork. I provided the coding and digitising the artwork.

We got the game working well, though only created a couple of levels for it and never launched it.

Technologies: GameMaker, AppGameKit

CyberHamster Tilt

Growing up, I remember having a hand held marble labyrinth puzzle, not sure if I still have it anywhere. Though there are marble labyrinth games available for smart phones already, I wanted to add more game elements to them.
I set out to create a labyrinth game, that used the accelerometer in smart phones as it's input. I created a hero, Suzie. I added enemies and collectables, and came up with story reasons for them being there.

Technologies: Unity, C#, AppGameKit

Link: mrrix32.itch.io

CyberHamster PD (Playdate Version)

When I heard that there was a game maker for the PlayDate, I decided to have a go at recreating my game in Playdate Pulp. Due to tiling restrictions, I had to either trim down or remove some of the larger levels. Although the PlayDate has an accelerometer, I was not able to implement this through Pulp, I instead opted for more traditional d-pad controls

Technologies: Pulp

Link: mrrix32.itch.io

Wedding Website

When planning my wedding, I wanted to have a website where my friends and family could check information for the day, to RSVP to the invitation and to upload photos that they took on the day. I had seen examples of this for weddings that I had been to before, and decided that rather than paying for this to be done, I would create this my self. To stop information from being publicly available, I implemented a login system. I created one user per address, and linked that to the RSVP form that I created, so that it would fill in the members of the household and ask for the required information (whether they were attending and any dietary requirements) I also added a comment box for people to leave messages. I added the option to reply to top level comments, for a basic threading feature I created an admin account, that was able to view the RSVP responses from all users, and able to delete comments that had been left. I had tried to rely on third party services as little as possible, an interactive map was added via Leaflet.js and photo upload was handled by a link to Dropbox upload request. I embedded the Dropbox folder using their API, though in practice people found this hard to use on mobile, I added a direct link to the Dropbox website to work around this.

Technologies: HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, PHP, Apache Web Server

Subpar Pentagon

In some downtime, I was working through a tutorial for Canvas. After putting a few simple bits together, I was reminded of the game "Super Hexagon". I created a basic game inspired by this in JavaScript Canvas. Circles expand from the centre, you have to avoid them but can only move in a circle around the expanding barriers.

Technologies: HTML, Javascript, Canvas

Link: Subpar Pentagon

CyberHamster Canvas

Following Subpar Pentagon, I decided to try recreating Cyberhamster Tilt in Canvas. To simplify things, I built a level designer to go with it. As Firefox does not support reading accelerometer data, this is not implemented. Currently it is only playable with a keyboard

Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Canvas

Uploading soon


Technologies that I have used in employment

Current Job: SQL

Previous Job: SIP, VMWare, PowerApps, Router configuration